Only getting low resolution with new monitor in feisty

WJ Seidl wjsvt at
Fri Oct 12 17:46:06 UTC 2007


Most LCDs run 1024 X 768, though some of the nice expensive newer ones
run as high as 1200 X 1600. 

Try the 1024 setting first, and make sure your refresh rate is set to 
your monitor's
preference. It's in your owner's manual...something like 65-80Hz.

If you don't all you're going to see is crazed horizontal lines, and 
there's little you can do at that
point...maybe reboot and hope the settings didn't stick.
W Seidl
> I forget what the LCD will currently run at: it's more than 640x480, but
> not a whole lot more. 768 x something, I think. The machine, BTW, is an
> off-the-shelf high-end-ish Compaq bought about two years ago. I can't
> remember the combination of letters and numbers that are its model number,
> and it probably isn't important anyway; I just wanted to say that it's not
> a Dell.

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