Only getting low resolution with new monitor in feisty

Michael Bach (gmx) bach.michael at
Fri Oct 12 15:27:30 UTC 2007

D. R. Evans wrote:
> Michael Bach (gmx) said the following at 10/12/2007 05:10 AM :
>>>> I can't remember enough details to give a solution, but I do recall that the 
>>>> magic happened when I twiddled something in this section 
>>>> in /etc/X11/xorg.conf:
>>>> Section "Monitor"
>>>>         Identifier      "Generic Monitor"
>>>>         Option          "DPMS"
>>>>         HorizSync       28-64
>>>>         VertRefresh     43-60
>>>> EndSection
>>> yesterday. The following command reconfigures X:
>>> sudo pdkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg
>> Is of course meant to be:
>> sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-org
>>> the -phigh causes to skip possible questions from the package
>>> configuration. If you want to provide more information to the
>>> configuration tool, use -plow instead of -phigh. -p means: priority of
>>> questions to ask.
> Thank you very much to both Michaels. I will try one or both of these on my
> wife's computer tonight.
> I forget what the LCD will currently run at: it's more than 640x480, but
> not a whole lot more. 768 x something, I think. The machine, BTW, is an
> off-the-shelf high-end-ish Compaq bought about two years ago. I can't
> remember the combination of letters and numbers that are its model number,
> and it probably isn't important anyway; I just wanted to say that it's not
> a Dell.
> This looks like an area where Canonical or someone need to do some work to
> make things more pleasant for users.

Well, the configuration of X is in general more static than, say, the
installation of another mouse, pen-drive or a bluetooth device. I don't
get my head round enough to catch up with the latest developments of the
x-server, but I recall to have read about recent efforts to make the
x-server be more dynamic to changes of either resolution and screens.
I'm pretty sure there will be the day in the not so far future where the
x-server catches up with a new display without needing to restart (the

 The feisty experience sure didn't
> stack up well compared to Windows :-( I mean, the ATI video is clearly
> capable of more than whatever it's providing now, so it's pretty silly to
> keep receiving an error message saying that whatever I try "doesn't appear
> to work".
> Thanks again.

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