how to disable kubuntu-default-settings

Derek Broughton news at
Tue Oct 9 13:11:37 UTC 2007

Michael Bach (gmx) wrote:

> Derek Broughton wrote:

>> Absolutely.  If you were to create a new user with a
>> kubuntu-default-settings from Dappper, then upgrade to Feisty and create
>> another new user, probably the two user environments would look
>> noticeably
>> different.  The user you've had since Hoary, though, wouldn't see a
>> change (at least not due to this package).
> That is exactly the point! Changes (style maybe, but not features)
> should be introduced/removed by kde, and not by kubuntu-default-settings.

Why?  Kubuntu doesn't wish to look like a generic KDE.  It's completely
reasonable for them to "brand" the application.  That's all that
kubuntu-default-settings does.  

>> I said that...  It isn't anything you'll ever notice.

> This holds, providing I never compare two user accounts with application
>  settings from two different versions of kubuntu. (I'm not talking about
> the existence /usr/share/kubuntu-default-settings, but rather the
> implications on application settings and style.)

Without kubuntu-default-settings, you'd have exactly the same issues between
two desktop users who were configured initially with KDE 3 & 4 direct from
> This is probably most confusing for someone who keeps his ~/.kde over a
> few versions, gets used to style and most important: features, and after
> a fresh installation, well, style changes, but if features disappear,
> for me that is most annoying.

It happens to Windows users, Gnome users and Mac users too.  With KDE, it
usually isn't a big problem - save & restore the user's HOME and he keeps
all the old features.  Unfortunately, that sometimes means he misses some
of the good, new, features.  It's always a trade-off.


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