Just a comment (Something funny)

Neil Winchurst neil at holsdev.vispa.com
Tue Oct 9 08:39:13 BST 2007

On Mon, 8 Oct 2007 19:47:51 -0400
David McGlone <david.mcglone at att.net> wrote:

> On Monday 08 October 2007 11:19:21 am Knapp wrote:
> > > Then there's static electricity.  Lots of things in life
> > > are static!
> > > --
> > > D. Michael McIntyre
> >
> > So then, why does "static" electricity jump from place to place?
> This was a good one. But I think I've found something that is actually really 
> static! Neil Winchurst. The One who got this thread started and 
> became "static". I guess he's the type that likes to get something started 
> then watch things transpire :-)
Absolutely right. I have found the replies and comments interesting.

I accept that some of us on this LUG do not have English as their first
language. To me that is a very good reason for those of us who do to
make every effort to get it right.

Anyway, I think that this thread is about worn out.


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