Feeling like a 2nd class citizen

Nils Kassube kassube at gmx.net
Thu Nov 29 07:04:50 UTC 2007

Sylviane et Perry White wrote:
> Nils wrote:
> > May I suggest you use an obviously fake browser ID? Something like IE
> > 11.3 on Mac OSX. Until now i found no site that didn't accept it.
> > they seem to only look for MSIE with a number >= 5
> Seriously you tried that, declaring your browser is as  IE 11.3  (the
> only one of its kind, I guess), with better results as when declaring
> it as Konk?

Yes, while I don't always use the same number, I definitely use a 
nonexistant IE version number :)

The problem is that some sites only give you an error page if your browser 
doesn't identify as IE. But of course I use Konqueror to display the page 
which is no real problem.


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