USB drive

Donn donn.ingle at
Thu Nov 22 18:09:10 UTC 2007

> Is there an easy guide on how to save files generated in Open Office be
> it to the hard drive
Same as any other O/S: File->Save from OOO.
You will get a file dialogue where you choose a folder and so forth. 

> or an USB memory stick? 
Plug the stick in. If all goes well and the system identifies it okay, you'll 
see a new icon on your desktop. This is known as "mounting" a drive. Open 
that and you can browse the stick.

(If there is a problem the icon won't show.)

To save files to it directly from an app like OOO, you must find what it's 
called. This is known as the "mount" point -- a name given to a folder that 
represents your USB stick. Open Konqueror or Dolphin and go to /media and 
look at the folders there. (After mounting your stick). Your stick will 
likely be called "disk" but it may have a particular name like my mp3 player 
is show as a folder called "TSONIC310". Go into that folder and save your 
files as normal.

> I also need to learn how I transfer data from the USB memory to an Open
> Office application.
Same as above. Mount, go File->Open from OOO and browse to your stick's folder 
in the /media directory. Find the file and choose open.

To copy stuff between your system and the stick, open the stick (double click 
the icon on the desktop) and also open another folder (somewhere you have 
files) and drag and drop between them.

NB: When you are done with the stick, be sure to "Safely Remove" it by right 
clicking the icon on the desktop. Then you can pull it out okay.


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