USB drive

John Hansen whitover-1 at
Thu Nov 22 21:04:37 UTC 2007

Donn wrote:
>> Is there an easy guide on how to save files generated in Open Office be
>> it to the hard drive
> Same as any other O/S: File->Save from OOO.
> You will get a file dialogue where you choose a folder and so forth. 
>> or an USB memory stick? 
> Plug the stick in. If all goes well and the system identifies it okay, you'll 
> see a new icon on your desktop. This is known as "mounting" a drive. Open 
> that and you can browse the stick.
> (If there is a problem the icon won't show.)
> To save files to it directly from an app like OOO, you must find what it's 
> called. This is known as the "mount" point -- a name given to a folder that 
> represents your USB stick. Open Konqueror or Dolphin and go to /media and 
> look at the folders there. (After mounting your stick). Your stick will 
> likely be called "disk" but it may have a particular name like my mp3 player 
> is show as a folder called "TSONIC310". Go into that folder and save your 
> files as normal.
>> I also need to learn how I transfer data from the USB memory to an Open
>> Office application.
> Same as above. Mount, go File->Open from OOO and browse to your stick's folder 
> in the /media directory. Find the file and choose open.
> To copy stuff between your system and the stick, open the stick (double click 
> the icon on the desktop) and also open another folder (somewhere you have 
> files) and drag and drop between them.
> NB: When you are done with the stick, be sure to "Safely Remove" it by right 
> clicking the icon on the desktop. Then you can pull it out okay.
> \d
Thanks for most helpful advice.


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