Gutsy won't recognise a blank DVD

Ronnie Tucker ronnie at
Sat Nov 17 23:21:57 UTC 2007

I burned a DVD this morning yet this afternoon, done no changes to the 
system, Kubuntu won't recognise a blank DVD. I put in a blank and it 
shows me the yellow disc icon on the desktop (no usual window saying 
'what would you like to do with this?') and when I click it Dolphin 
reports (at the bottom of an empty window) the error:

Could not start process Unable to create io-slave:
klauncher said: Unknown protocol ".

Even in K3B the disc is not recognised as being valid. Although the 
system can still recognise and play previously burned DVD's no problem.


Beginning to think my Gutsy install is falling apart at the seams   :(

Ronnie Tucker

ronnie at

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