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Derek Broughton news at
Thu Nov 15 23:39:07 UTC 2007

ronnie at wrote:

>    Quoting "Tipton, Timothy" Timothy.Tipton at[1]:
>> Also, in the same spirit of email -> is Kmail a good/nice alternative to
>> say... Thunderbird or Evolution? What are your thoughts about it?
>    I used to use Kmail but I prefer the fact that I can tell
> Thunderbird2 what is/isn't spam and it will automagically move - what
> it learns to be - spam to the appropriate folder.
>    +1 for TB2 :)

KMail's been doing that for me for 7 years...  Sure you need to have
spamassassin or bogofilter (my choice) installed, but that's normal for
*nix systems - you shouldn't have spam detection implemented _in_ your
email client, when it's a separate task.

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