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Thu Nov 8 17:47:28 UTC 2007

Scott wrote:

> Derek Broughton wrote:
>> Ted Frater wrote:
>>> Derek Broughton wrote:
>>>> Scott wrote:
>>>>> I would not worry about it, Firefox should be the default :)
>>>> Should Not! :-)  (Can you tell I don't like Firefox?)
>>> Ok I can accept that
>>>  buy why?
>> It's sloooooooowwwwwww (at least to start).
> That is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy overstated :),

It might be a liiittle overstated :-)

> especially when comparing Konqueror and Firefox.  The difference in
> speed between Firefox and Konqueror in startup speed is very little, I
> counted only a 3 second difference on my laptop.  

Konqueror only takes about that long to start for me - but iirc there's
a "preload" setting somewhere, and I usually run just one Konqueror window
for the entire time I'm in KDE.  Firefox, from the point at which I request
to open a link in Firefox takes an absolute minimum of 20 seconds, and if I
actually ask it to open a link while it's doing it, usually much more.

> The speed of the 
> program itself, after start, is unnoticeable; at least on a modern
> machine.  

Yes, it's the startup speed that really annoys me.

> The speed between the two can't be that much anyhow, is 
> Konqueror not based on Firefox?

No.  Konqueror is KHTML (same as Safari - or at least same as Safari used to
be) and Firefox is Gecko.

>>>  And what do you like? as a browser?
>> I love Konqueror for file & web browsing.  I _want_ both together, and I
>> want them integrated with kio slaves.  Firefox (or opera) fails on both
>> counts.

> I like Konqueror(I love Konqueror as a file browser), but it can't
> compare to Firefox as a web browser.  It does not have the same number
> of browser features (Konqueror is a file browser first and foremost, not
> a browser) and with Firefox's hundreds of add-ons Firefox can be made to
> do almost anything you want.

I don't believe Firefox is a file browser foremost - that's an extra.  I
suppose what it really is a kparts-container.  I agree the web browser
component isn't _as_ good as Firefox, which is why I actually have Firefox
at all - sometimes I need a browser that will work :-(  KHTML, though, was
a good enough web browser for Apple to want to use it as the foundation of
Safari.  Let me know as soon as Firefox comes with kio plugins, and I'll
consider coming over to the Dark Side :-)

>>>  Tho not as simple as Netscape 3,
>> LOL.  I'm a geek-dinosaur, but I'm not sure even I used Netscape 3.
> I used Netscape up until the release of Firefox .8, I can't remember the
> first Netscape I used, but it would be very old as that was over 10
> years ago.

I was purely using IE until, I think, Netscape 4, but I might have used 3 a

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