_: Entries in K-Menu: preceding entries in K Menu

Ken Larkman kbl at nucleus.com
Wed Nov 7 00:45:45 UTC 2007

On Tuesday 06 November 2007 08:47:13 Scott wrote:

> Doing every item this way would take a while and would be very annoying.

Naw. Took a couple of minutes, tops, and I had a lot of menu entries. Much 
simpler than reinstalling Kubuntu.

The problem in my case and the original poster's (I believe) when Adept 
Manager says there is a Full Upgrade available after installing 7.10 
(immediately after a clean install, in my case). Adept starts to upgrade then 
stops when it realizes you are up-to-date but not before it has changed the 
menu entries. There is probably a text or xml file that can be edited to do 
the same thing but I think its much faster to do it from Menu Editor.

Reinstalling for such a minor issue is not a best practice.

- Ken

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