Compiz minimums

Dana J. Laude kc9aae1 at
Thu Nov 1 06:08:51 UTC 2007

Adrienne J Davis wrote:
> I would really  like to use Compiz and KDE. I suspect, however, that I 
> won't be able to not and have it useable. But I'm not sure. I have 
> installed it a few times now, and it works but it is painfully slow for 
> the most part which makes it unusable.
> I know what the Compiz developers say are minimum to run Compiz but I'm 
> curious as to what people have found is minimal to be useable.
> Here's the relevant parts of my system:
> Proc:AMD Athlon(tm) XP 1700+ 1,466.85 MHz
> RAM: 1G
> Video card: GeForce4 MX 440 64MB
> I suspect that my video card just can't handle it. The reason I'm asking 
> is that I'm not sure if it is how I have Compiz configured or my system.
> Any thoughts/advice/inputs would be appreciated.

I have a system pretty close to yours, with the exceptions being that I 
have only 512MB of ram, (plan on upgrading that) CPU is 1.6 MHz, and my 
video card is a Nvidia FX5500 with 256MB. (AGP 8X) If anything, I'd say 
your video card could use an upgrade.

My system actually runs smooth, as long as I don't open to many 
applications at the same time. I'll be tossing in 2GB of ram shortly, so 
that should take care of that issue. :)

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