Debian package files open in Kate

Karl karlok at
Thu Nov 1 04:14:34 UTC 2007

Adrienne J Davis wrote:
> Hey folks:
> When I attempt to download a .deb file, it ends up opening in Kate. This 
> isn't, of course, what I want it to do. In trying to fix this, I ended 
> up deleting my x-deb definition in Konqueror out of frustration, 
> thinking that it would default to 'ask to save' but that didn't work. 
> So, if one of you would be so kind as to look in Konqueror and tell me 
> what the definition for .deb is supposed to be so that it behaves right, 
> I would be grateful. Thanks.

In my Konqueror it's /usr/share/applications/kde/gdebi-kde.desktop


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