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Daniel Pittman daniel at
Sun Mar 18 23:40:27 GMT 2007

"Farid Ansari" <ansari.farid at> writes:

> When you say Kubuntu is not technically compared to other OSes, 

I think you missed the point: he doesn't believe KUbuntu is technically
*superior* to other *Linux distributions* *in his experience.*

All of which are reasonable statements and which, today, I would
generally agree with.[1]

> which ones are you referring to specifically. Take into consideration
> the fact that Kubuntu is free and then compare.  I have Win XP Pro and
> SuSE 10.2 but I still find Kubuntu better for all multimedia
> applications.  

A comparison of Windows with Ubuntu is definitely missing the point of
this statement -- which was simply a statement of opinion.


[1]  Ubuntu have points where they beat the competition, the competition
     have points where they beat Ubuntu.  Overall it seems to come out
     about even ... though I do use Ubuntu. ;)

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