Knapp magick.crow at
Sat Mar 10 09:30:13 GMT 2007

 > > Can anyone point me to some comnplex role-playing strategy games,
or 3D games
> > requiring a joystick for Linux?  I come across Boson and Scortched 3D.  Has
> > anyone had any trouble setting these up?  My son and I are looking for games
> > to play across a network that will keep us busy together for a long Saturday
> > morning or two....trying to wean him off of that other OS. :-)
> >
> > Larry

"Sabayon Gaming and multimedia capabilities from a live CD"

I have played these on this CD or was it a DVD? In any case they are
REAL pro quality games. I do not think I would let my kids play them
though. :-)

If they run on Sabayon then you should be able to run them in Kubuntu.
It might be some work and you WILL need a good 3d card and the drivers
that run it but you should all be able to made them work.

I also like supertux,  Kobo delux, fish fillet, liquid war,
lbreakout2, torks, planet penquin racer, lincity-ng, Flight Gear
Flight Sim, tremulos and others but this is a good start.

Just type games in adept package manager for lots of games to look at of course.

"Sabayon Linux is the most advanced and complete Linux distribution
when it comes to multimedia completeness and capabilities. Use the
parameters below only in ISOLINUX command line mode (no need to write
those in Sabayon Linux 3.2).

    * quake4: start Quake4 playable demo.
    * coldwar: start ColdWar playable demo.
    * geexbox: start GeeXboX 1.0 Media Center.
    * mediacenter: start Sabayon Linux with Freevo Media Center.

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