Internet access - Solved!

arcorreia antonioricardo.correia at
Sun Mar 4 18:46:17 GMT 2007

> What is going on is that I want to roll back from wireless access to 
> access and everything I try fails.
> The actual negotiation with the ISP is made by the router, it gets an 
> through DHCP and in turn my computer gets one from the router.
> Wirelless works flawlessly both in my desktop as in my laptop. When I 
> configure my desktop to stop using wireless and start using ethernet I don't 
> manage to connect. I don't know where to go from here to make it work.

>around in your boot scripts in /etc/(I forget the exact name) rc.d or 
>and so on.
>You could try something like : grep -Ri eth /etc/* -- looking for 
>references to your eth card and track the problem from that end. Also 
>grep in your /var/log/messages and dmesg.

>I think you will find there is a script running that immediately hands 
>the connection over to your wireless directly after the DHCP and you can 
>hack that script.

>Sorry for being so vague - I am fairly sure you won't fix this dicking 
>around with gui windows, ya gonna have to get down and dirty on the 
>command line :D

>Good luck,

I've managed to find the problem. The script works fine, I've found what was 
wrong with ifconfig.
My router filters access to the machines that don't have their MAC address on 
a list.
I had assumed that the MAC address was the same either if I used the USB Wifi 
device or my ethernet connection. It turns out that they are different and 
not machine based but on the MAC of the device used to connect.
So now everything works as it should.

Thanks for your suggestions,

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