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D. Michael McIntyre michael.mcintyre at
Sun Mar 4 15:32:50 GMT 2007

On Friday 02 March 2007 10:42 am, arcorreia wrote:
> No matter what I do, I don't manage to have eth0 connecting to my service
> provider (Broadband cable).

I had an idea.  I'm sure there is a more elegant front door way to configure 
this up, but since I don't know what that is, I think I know how I'd solve 

Blacklist the module for the wireless NIC.  No module, no NIC, no NIC, the 
whole DHCP negotiation process should leave you with only one working NIC, 
the one at eth0, and hopefully the rest will fall into place from there, if a 
bit less than elegantly.

I'm not sure what module your wireless NIC uses.  Do you know enough to guess 
by looking at the list of installed modules?  You can run:


from the command line, or use the KDE Info Center (System -> Info Center, or 
Alt+F2 and type "kinfocenter" into the box.)

Try to discover the name of the module, and then put it 
in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist by creating an entry at the bottom of the file 

# disable wireless NIC
blacklist foo

where "foo" is the name of the module in question.
D. Michael McIntyre 

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