A useful application for the windows key?

Mark Kelly kubuntu at wastedtimes.net
Sun Mar 4 03:37:35 GMT 2007

On Saturday 03 March 2007 19:14, Thomas Sperre wrote:
> What can I do with the windows key on my keyboard? It is like it is jsut
> sitting there.....is it possible to map it to the k-menu like the
> windows key is mapped to the windows menu in windows? How?

It's a modifier key (like alt, ctrl etc) so I use mine to make app 
shortcuts that (in my experience) won't interfere with anything else. For 
example win+c runs calculator, win+k for konqueror win+f for firefox etc. 
These can be used safely anytime, as nothing else uses the key.

To actually set up the keys right-click on the k menu button and choose 
edit menu, choose your app, and set a keystroke. Then hit Apply.

Have fun.

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