any Compiz configuration utility on Kubuntu? [was:Beryl issues....]

Donatas G. dgvirtual at
Tue Jun 19 15:44:35 UTC 2007

Thank you, this is really helpful. Just one problem: how do I make the taskbar 
show only the windows on that particular desktop/viewport? Now it shows all 
of them. 

It was a problem with Beryl as well...

> Hi Donatas,
> This works for me every time. Hey could you let me know how you make out
> with the 950?  That's one of the few chipsets that I haven't tested yet.
> Is it a G series with onboard graphics or are you going to be using the
> PCIe interface?

It is Intel GMA 950 Gfx (so it is written on my Asus A8F laptop surface) :)

Not quite sure what PCI interface is, though. If you need any info that I 
could gather by running some shell commands and pasting their ouptut, just 
tell me what to do.

> Kubuntu
> > (or KDE in general) that you should be aware of that can be fixed very
> > simply.
> > First after you enable the effects you should see an option that reads
> > "Do you want to keep these settings" choose "keep settings" to keep
> the
> > effects on. Now you may notice that your desktop selection applet in
> > your panel is only showing one desktop.  If this is what your seeing,
> > right click and choose "configure desktops" bring the slider to that
> it
> > indicates more than four 5 or on "apply".
> You
> > may now see a lot more than 5 or 6 desktops in the panel...this seems
> to
> > be normal. Now bring the slider to show only one desktop and click
> > "apply" this should make it so that the panel desktop selector
> > shows...4..if this doesn't show four then go back into the "Gl
> Desktop"
> > under "settings" from the K menu and select the "cube and rotation"
> > option under the "workspaces" tab and select 4 for the number of view
> > ports.  The panel desktop selection applet should 4
> desktops...although
> > the tool tip will indicate "Desktop 1" for all of them....this is what
> > happens when the compiz 3d effects is designed for Gnome and nothing
> > else.

Yes, that is very true. So great that Kwin will support 3D effects in KDE 

Donatas Glodenis

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