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Neil Winchurst neil at
Fri Jun 15 21:29:43 UTC 2007

On Fri, 15 Jun 2007 12:06:26 -0500
manchicken <manchicken at> wrote:

> In Mandrake many things were complicated.  In ubuntu you apt-get install 
> postgresql-8.2 and you've got a working database when it's done.  It's pretty 
> simple.  MySQL has a lot of standards issues including one I found today.  It 
> allows double-quotes in string literals.  This is bad because as people 
> develop for MySQL, and don't know this, their code is less portable.
> MySQL works, and if you like it, go for it.  Just be careful to pay attention 
> to standards, because MySQL doesn't seem to know or care what those standards 
> are sometimes.
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> ~ manchicken <><
I know about the double quotes in strings so I avoid that. Also (I am
running Kubuntu edgy) my version of postgresql is 8.1. I may well test
out your theory and see what happens.


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