installing Kubuntu 7 with other fedora distro

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Fri Jun 15 16:49:02 UTC 2007

On Wed, 13 Jun 2007, hicham wrote:

> Hello everybody
>  I 've decided to install kubuntu 7.0.4 with a fedora and win xp in my
> hard disk, i thought  I could share my fedora share swap partition
> along with kubuntu
> had anybody done this ? without any problems

Sure, go ahead; been there, done that. I once had a common swap for
Redhat, Debian and Mandrake. I'm talking of before Ubuntu was even a faint
spark in Mark's eye. 

But it gets dicey when you want to have a common /home. :) Redhat and
Mandrake can manage because their UIDs start at 500 but Debian starts its
UIDs at 1000.

> to just no mix things , I've created a kubuntu swap partition, but the
> kubuntu installer considers fedora swap partition as well as a swap
> partition to use
> how do i make the kubuntu installer ignore fedora swap partition

Uncheck the box that says format for that partition. It should be screen #
3 or 4 for the feisty installer.

> I've mistakenly installed kubuntu grub boot loader on main MBR boot of
> the HD , where as I meant to put it on the kubuntu linux partition,
> how do I achieve that ?

You mean now that you've already installed it ? or next time that you
install ?

For a fresh install, on screen # 6 click on the button that says
*Advanced*. It will give you the option to install grub wherever you want
it. It will show the default as hd0,0. This is grub speak for MBR of the
HD. If you want it on another partition change it to something else. For
example hd0,2 is the _3rd_ partition on the _1st_ HD. Grub starts
numbering from 0.

Of course if you want to use the grub from kubuntu you will have to make
that partition active from fdisk.

For changing the the grub _after_ install, you will need to mess w/ dd.
You will also need a backup of your original MBR.

> thanks a lot
> hicham


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