installing Kubuntu 7 with other fedora distro

Derek Broughton news at
Fri Jun 15 17:48:28 UTC 2007

Dr. Sharukh K. R. Pavri. wrote:

> On Wed, 13 Jun 2007, hicham wrote:
>> Hello everybody
>>  I 've decided to install kubuntu 7.0.4 with a fedora and win xp in my
>> hard disk, i thought  I could share my fedora share swap partition
>> along with kubuntu
>> had anybody done this ? without any problems
> Sure, go ahead; been there, done that. I once had a common swap for
> Redhat, Debian and Mandrake. I'm talking of before Ubuntu was even a faint
> spark in Mark's eye.
> But it gets dicey when you want to have a common /home. :) Redhat and
> Mandrake can manage because their UIDs start at 500 but Debian starts its
> UIDs at 1000.

Not really that difficult.  There's a simple parameter somewhere to set
where the user IDs begin (of course, next, you'll want to know where).

The only time you don't want to be sharing swap is if you're going to use it
for hibernation.  If you try to boot into the other OS the worst that
_should_ happen is that you'll end up with no swap partition (because swap
signature is deliberately changed on the hibernating swap).

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