KDE & Network questions

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Tue Jun 12 00:03:10 UTC 2007

Paul Lemmons wrote:

> From: Ian Whitfield <whitfield at federalsaints.net>

>> After doing an install and set-up of Vista for a friend it finally
>> caused me to look at Linux again after a few years. I had been reading
>> the good reports that UBUNTU was getting so decided to give it a try.
>> What a difference a few years makes, I'm VERY impressed with what I
>> see!!! So I've set up two computers through a KVM switch to run my
>> Windows XP and Ubuntu 7.04 and to migrate everything over to the Linux
>> system. However I have a few questions.....
>> 1) What advice can you give me on Gnome Vs KDE? Which is best - or is
>> this a stupid question?
>  <flame-proof skivvies>
>    KDE is best
> </flame-proof skivvies>

Surely nobody would disagree here?

>> 2) With my limited info it seems as if KDE is the GUI of choice so I
>> decided to try it. The Web site tells me to select
>> Applications>Add/Remove>Advanced and to select KDE Data Base. BUT I
>> cannot find and 'Advanced' option or any mention of 'KDE Data Base'.
>> Some help here would be appreciated
> See current thread on "Linux Databases"

If, in fact, you need database.  But, as someone pointed out in that thread:
the GUI isn't the database.  Any db you can use in KDE you can use just as
well in Gnome.

>> 3) I use the Windows Contact Manager 'Maximizer' and must have a Linux
>> equiv. What can you recommend. I've looked at Kontact and like it but
>> there seems to be no way of storing eMails and letters under each
>> persons name? (Must have this!!)

Pretty easy to do with filters, but I imagine you actually want the contact
info tied directly to the user message folder.  It may well be possible but
I can't say how...

>> 4) I cannot get the Linux machine to 'read' my Windows Network. It goes
>> as far as the MSHOME network name and then reports nothing to display.
>> I'm sure I've omitted something - can you advise. (BTW by data is in a
>> FAT 32 partition on the Windows machine!!)

Sharing actual folders on the Win machine?  Partition doesn't matter, as
it's CIFS (Common Internet File System) that you're reading, not FAT.

>> 5) Also cannot get access to the laser printer on the Windows machine
>> but I'm sure this is related to the above question.

Maybe, but I've never had much luck with printers...

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