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On 6/11/07, Neil Winchurst <neil at> wrote:
> In the old days using Windows I used to create databases for small
> companies, usually using Borland Paradox. This program worked very well
> for me. When I moved over to Linux some 6 years ago the one thing that
> was missing for me was the equivalent to Paradox (or even Access).
> I have looked around a bit recently, and the situation seems to be a
> little better. At the moment I am looking at Kexi, but that is still at
> an early stage of development.
> Does anyone out there have any recommendations or comments? For the
> moment I could do with a simple flat-file database which gives me some
> good facilities to control the output for printing. Relational databases
> can come later.
> I did ask this question about five years ago (not to this group) so I
> would be interested to see what has changed/improved if anything.
> Thanks
> Neil Winchurst
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Hi Neil,

Have you tried yet? It's a complete open source office suite
for Linux
(and other platforms), and it has a component called Base,
which is
pretty much a Microsoft Access equivalent which works very nicely. is part of the official Kubuntu package repository, so
install it and give it
a shot. If not, try searching on Google for a few other programs.


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