No mail from cron on Feisty

D. Michael McIntyre michael.mcintyre at
Tue Jun 5 00:22:12 UTC 2007

On Monday 04 June 2007, kk wrote:
> > and I can't figure out why the notification is broken.
> I did a lot of searching but couldn't figure it out.

Glad to know I'm not alone if nothing else.

I just replaced postfix with exim, and the same result.  No mail, ever.  I 
think Ubuntu must have taken some extraordinary steps to break this on 
purpose, having decided that email from one's computer would be too confusing 
to n00bs.

Thanks for piping up.  If all else fails, then, yes, having everything log to 
an external log file will have to do.
D. Michael McIntyre 

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