Software for DVD slideshow

Mark Fraser kubuntu at
Wed Jul 25 09:01:37 BST 2007

In article <46A6B61F.8020005 at>,
   Edmund Laugasson <ed.lau at> wrote:
> > DVD slideshow -
> > DVD Baker -
> > 'Q' DVD Author -
> > Varsha -

> I forgot KDE-based GwenView -


> You need also enable universe repository to get gwenrename and
> kipi-plugins.

> Then you have choice at pull-down menu: Plugins->Tools->Create MPEG
> slideshow

Those are the same plugins that DigiKam uses. I tried creating a slideshow
yesterday with DigiKam and k3b as I suggested, but although I managed to
create a MPEG slideshow, I couldn't figure out how to get k3b to burn it as
a DVD video. Perhaps I need something like DVD Author as well.

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