KDE 3.5.6 released w Kubuntu packages

John L Fjellstad john-ubuntu at fjellstad.org
Sat Jan 27 19:21:44 GMT 2007

Donn <donn.ingle at gmail.com> writes:

> Look, I don't want to get a reputation for constantly bitching about
> this thing. I wanted to have a frank and clear conversation about it
> but I see feathers get ruffled almost immediately. 

People explained why it was hard.  You ignored it.

> Hopefully it's such a blatant problem that teams of very experienced,
> organized and cabable people (like the good people who *already* bring
> us Ubuntu) can see it and start to think along those lines.

They are.  They are concentrating on one distro at a time to backport
to, namely the latest release.  

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