Cannot burn DVD with k3b

Robert Parker rlp1938 at
Tue Jan 23 11:26:08 GMT 2007

Hi Donn,

On 1/22/07, Donn <donn.ingle at> wrote:
> > The reason I think there is a problem with K3b is that:
> > 1. It is unnecessary.
> I think the opposite. As much as I enjoy the command line, I must say that
> the
> technical details behind burning discs are simply too many.
> (My forgettery is highly advanced and it operates like a queue with one
> fact
> going in and pushing another out the other end! :) )

My memory is as bad as yours I don't doubt. Just get your command set up
right once and bury it in a tiny script. The CLI for growisofs is trivial
for most stuff. K3b adds nothing but complication and delay. At CLI you get
to decide the options to use, not some third party. I am not saying that K3b
is a bad program, far from from it. It's predecessors may have been POS but
K3b is merely unnecessary.

The other nice thing about a gui interface like K3B is that I can drag and
> drop a file from here, a bunch of stuff from there, a few folders from
> that
> other place and quickly drop them all onto the disc.
> To do that on the command-line is nigh-on impossible without a lot of
> (tab)
> typing of paths and after all that you still don't get a nice visual cue
> about how big all your data is.

I do it the easy way, I burn out of 1 directory.

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