Typing oddball characters in kubuntu

Simone simozack at yahoo.it
Tue Jan 23 10:53:18 GMT 2007

Lantiero Zenesi ha scritto:
> Alle 17:08, lunedì 22 gennaio 2007, Simone ha scritto:
> Are doing this via an english keyboard? And, is it possible to assign a 
> different key instead of Alt_R, say... win key?

I'm using a normal italian keyboard. I've done nothing but a normal 
installation of Kubuntu selecting the italian keyboard layout... :)

> One more thing, as I noticed you share my native language, ;-) I use to type 
> certain letters and symbols by a Ctrl+Alt combination, such as @ or €, but on 
> linux I can only access these by means of a Alt_R.
> Is there a way to obtain this. I've googled, but to no avail.

The program used by Linux to map this special characters is xmodmap. Try 
searching on google "xmodmap" and it will answer all of your questions.

Try also the link I posted to ML: it also contains a useful example of 
the use of xmodmap.


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