Samba Cups and Windows Client

Tez binary_y2k2 at
Tue Jan 9 05:47:38 GMT 2007

Jim Byers wrote:
> I have just joined the list and apologize for posting the first day, but 
> I have worked most of the day on my problems and was unsuccessful.  My 
> configuration is:
>     Kubuntu installed on PC workstation which has ethernet card and a 
> USB Brother Printer
>     Three laptops - two with Windows XP and one with Windows XP Pro
>     The computers are connected by a wireless router.  Belkin Pre-N
> My main goal was to print from my Windows XP laptops to the Brother 
> Pinter. 
> I have my Brother Printer printing locally, but have not been able to 
> see it or find it from the Windows clients.  I installed Samba and made 
> several modifications recommended on Ubuntu forums. I modified Cups conf 
> file as well.  I can see the Kubuntu network from my Windows laptops, 
> but when I try to enter network, I get a Windows logon popup asking for 
> username and password.  I have tried the Samba username and password as 
> well as the Kubuntu username and password, but neither combination worked.
>  From what I have written, can anyone help me?  Other than this 
> important (for me) issue, I really like Kubuntu.
> Thanks,
> Jim
First you should change "security = USER" (or whatever it's set to) to 
"security = SHARE"
that should stop windows asking for a password.
Then, I found this guide on the ubuntu help site which may be useful to you:

That should be all you need


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