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Jordi Ferrando jferrando at netplc.com
Tue Jan 2 06:19:40 GMT 2007

Hi Peter,
I use DNS server (local caching), DHCP and FIREWALL (iptables script) in 
ubuntu dapper for my local network at home and the network of my 
company. I edit the scripts with vim or any other editor. I had some 
time learning how to configure them 2 years ago, but it was worth the 
time. If you need them, please mail me and I will send you all.

bryann escribió:
> On Sun, 2006-12-31 at 07:29 +1100, Peter Gort wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I've set up and old iMac 600 with Kubuntu 6.10, and after turning off  
>> text anti-aliasing, it seems quite reasonable.
>> I've got two goals in mind for this box, I need a DNS server in my  
>> little home-office network, and a spare computer for 8 year old.   
>> Accordingly I chose the desktop over the server install of Kubuntu.
>> So now:  what recommendations are there for running a DNS server on  
>> my box, bearing in mind that it I want it to start with the system  
>> and not be affected by junior logging in and out.  Also, if there  
>> exists a gui app for configuring it? (I've got a BIND config file on  
>> my Mac OS X Server if I need to grab it for a template, I just need  
>> DNS running on a separate box from the OSX Server).
>> Peter
> I have a hard time trying to figure why to bother with DNS on a home
> network. I have a WORK network/home use also /network all together 7
> machines plus router switch etc.
> The only nameserver use is internet on a local coop WLAN accessing the
> internet. 
> Locally it is simpler to use a Hosts list.
> Ubuntu does this easiest it seems (gnome) we have Ubuntu+Kubuntu desktop
> on our machines Just add the hosts and fixed IPs 192.168... We had some
> problems writing to files with both KDE and GNOME so we stick to the
> original Gnome utilities here.
> We use DHCP for wireless accesses of course, so they won't be in the
> hosts list. instead of setting up a full nameserver for our network I
> have the most used machine set up as a WINS server in SAMBA. which
> helps. Despite no windows machines we have found Samba most useful.
> Next time you do an install aimed at using it as a server try doing a
> server install, then command line apt or aptitude etc install Kubuntu
> Desktop.
> I really don't see the need for DHCP/DNS on a small network. Think <10
> machines is simpler to use fixed addresses except for whatever machines
> are wireless.
> Not sure your 8 year old will be satisfied with this setup BTW my
> grandkids need to access stuff for school  (8 and 11) and like to access
> the Yahoo kids etc.  The GPLflash available for the imac isn't up to
> mapping kids games etc.(they're using ibooks with 606.1) for now. 
> I just put surplus i86 machines together for them to overcome this
> deficiency. I also added crossover and MSOffice so that stuff sent home
> from school works right every time. Using OO.org isn't worth screwing up
> their grades because formatting doesn't carry over.
> Bryann

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