DNS Serving form desktop

bryann brymelvin at melvinart.com
Tue Jan 2 02:27:29 GMT 2007

On Sun, 2006-12-31 at 07:29 +1100, Peter Gort wrote:
> Hi All,
> I've set up and old iMac 600 with Kubuntu 6.10, and after turning off  
> text anti-aliasing, it seems quite reasonable.
> I've got two goals in mind for this box, I need a DNS server in my  
> little home-office network, and a spare computer for 8 year old.   
> Accordingly I chose the desktop over the server install of Kubuntu.
> So now:  what recommendations are there for running a DNS server on  
> my box, bearing in mind that it I want it to start with the system  
> and not be affected by junior logging in and out.  Also, if there  
> exists a gui app for configuring it? (I've got a BIND config file on  
> my Mac OS X Server if I need to grab it for a template, I just need  
> DNS running on a separate box from the OSX Server).
> Peter
I have a hard time trying to figure why to bother with DNS on a home
network. I have a WORK network/home use also /network all together 7
machines plus router switch etc.
The only nameserver use is internet on a local coop WLAN accessing the

Locally it is simpler to use a Hosts list.
Ubuntu does this easiest it seems (gnome) we have Ubuntu+Kubuntu desktop
on our machines Just add the hosts and fixed IPs 192.168... We had some
problems writing to files with both KDE and GNOME so we stick to the
original Gnome utilities here.

We use DHCP for wireless accesses of course, so they won't be in the
hosts list. instead of setting up a full nameserver for our network I
have the most used machine set up as a WINS server in SAMBA. which
helps. Despite no windows machines we have found Samba most useful.

Next time you do an install aimed at using it as a server try doing a
server install, then command line apt or aptitude etc install Kubuntu

I really don't see the need for DHCP/DNS on a small network. Think <10
machines is simpler to use fixed addresses except for whatever machines
are wireless.

Not sure your 8 year old will be satisfied with this setup BTW my
grandkids need to access stuff for school  (8 and 11) and like to access
the Yahoo kids etc.  The GPLflash available for the imac isn't up to
mapping kids games etc.(they're using ibooks with 606.1) for now. 

I just put surplus i86 machines together for them to overcome this
deficiency. I also added crossover and MSOffice so that stuff sent home
from school works right every time. Using OO.org isn't worth screwing up
their grades because formatting doesn't carry over.


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