smp kernels

Gayle Lee Fairless fairless at
Wed Jan 3 02:11:42 GMT 2007

Lokeey wrote:
> yes you can. it will walk you through the install process and if you 
> are familiar with qtparted you will know what to do as far as 
> selecting a partition. as for the smp kernels, i overlooked this 
> during my install, but (k)ubuntu identifies it at as smp. so i'm not 
> sure if they use separate kernels as i did not see any when i 
> installed kubuntu.
> On 1/2/07, *Gayle Lee Fairless* <fairless at 
> <mailto:fairless at>> wrote:
>     Which kernels are smp?  I have a Pentium 4 Prescott on a socket 478
>     motherboard (ASUS).  I have LiveCD's for both Dapper Drake 6.06
>     LTS and
>     Edgy 6.10.  Can you choose which partition on which to
>     install?  (I have
>     Windows XP Pro on the first partition.)

    Although I have not used qtparted, it can't be too different from 
cfdisk.  I think it was cfdisk that I've used before.  If I remember 
correctly, the 250 GB Seagate has 3 big partitions and a small one or 
two made for swap partitions.  Two of the big ones were for Linux and 
Windows.  The third one was meant for a common data area.

    Thanks for your reply!

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