Installing Kubuntu on an XP machine

Matthew Flaschen matthew.flaschen at
Sun Feb 25 03:24:42 UTC 2007

Arthur Dyck wrote:
> I have been running Kubuntu Dapper on an old Pentium II for several months now 
> and have decided I would also like to install it on my Windows XP machine.  I 
> have spent several hours searching for tutorials and such to tell me how to 
> do this.  There seems to be an area of contention and that is with regard to 
> disk partitioning.  Some tutorials say I need to get a program like GParted 
> to create my disk partitions; others say that the Kubuntu install disk will 
> do that itself.  Which is correct?

It depends on what you need to do.  How is your partition setup now?
Are you intending to reformat (even if not you should still have
backups)? Doing so will make things much easier.  If you do need to
repartition without losing data, you should use a separate utility.  If
you are willing to do it from scratch, the installer should be fine.

One thing:  I seriously recommend you create a /home partition, which
will make upgrades, reinstalls, switching distros, dual-booting (between
unix-like systems), etc. easier.  You'll probably also want a FAT32
partition to share data between Windows and Ubuntu, but I strongly
recommend you don't use /home for that (some GNU/Linux programs need
unix-type filesystems for /home).

Matthew Flaschen

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