Installing Kubuntu on an XP machine

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I had the same question a couple of months Im glad to help you
providing you the explanation of the solution in my case:

First of all:
I have windows XP and I wanted to install Ubuntu Dapper, my computer was new
so I didn't have anything on it and I took the risk. (Anyway i didn't loose

So in your case I suggest you to backup your data (just in case).

For this I used partition magic. Anyway, if you find any partitioning tool
the process would be the same.

First of all I resized my xp partition (I took out like 10 Gb of it...the
total hard drive is 80 GB) after that, I created an "extended partition"
(using the 10 Gb free).

Inside that partition I created 3 partitons more.......
1.- Of 256 Mb for Linux swap
2.-For my user files.
3.-For the linux system.

In each case you create the partition and set the file system for them.....

1.- just select "Linux Swap"
2.- Ext3

After that I applied the changes......

I restarted the computer and everything was fine, I started up windows
normally...just without 10 Gb

Then I restarted the computer and booted from cd.
The installation of Ubuntu dapper started.

When the screen of partition is showed up, you must select "manual"
And after that you will see a list of the partitions you have in your

Select the partition that you created for the filesystem and mount in "/"
Select the partition that you created for linux swap and select "Linux swap"
Select the partition that you created for /home (your files, in order to
keep them safe if you change the OS) and mount in "/home"

In this setup you can choose to format the partitions....just select to
format the partitions of your linux: Swap, / ,and home.

After that you continue with the instalation...

When you finish that and if everything went OK, Grub ( the boot loader of
linux) will recognize both OS (linux and windows xp) and let you choose one
of them to boot.

If you have things like "system backup" as a partition (most of them are
hidden in the new computers, to let you restore your system) don't
worry...follow the process and just ignore the partitions......don't resize just need to resize the partition of XP.
If you have this kind of "hidden partitions" then when you do the
installation it will say something like: there is an error with the
partition X (where X is your hidden partition) just ignore it and click

 That's all what I did....I hope this will help you....
Sorry for my bad english!
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