Kubuntu 6.10 not shutting down properly

Donn donn.ingle at gmail.com
Thu Feb 22 12:10:13 GMT 2007

> I go Start-Log Out-Shutdown, the screen goes black but the shutting-down
> sequence doesn't appear and the machine doesn't actually shut down - I have
> to turn it off manually. Can I fix this and if so how?
I have the exact same problem.
I have found that if you repeat the process a few times, it does work 
eventually. I can't say what it could be.

For myself, I like to have a minimum KDE session; say konqy and xmms, you 
know, a few apps. Then I change my settings (kcontrol) so that I must 
manually save a session which I then do by K->Save session. I do this once 
only, or as the mood strikes.

So, I close all my apps, kmail and akregator too (as they have startup issues 
where they claim another process is already running) and after everything is 
closed, I do the K -> Logout tango. Usually gets it on the second try.

If that still does not work for you, then you can always hit ALT-F2 and type 
sudo shutdown -h now, for shutdown and sudo reboot for reboot :)


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