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Thu Feb 22 03:14:46 UTC 2007

Hi Benjamin, you want a good name that you like or do you want a name that is
successful with your customers?
Good names don´t fly from heaven, they are crafted by specialists. This is a
branding issue, and with that a branding job. You can waste 10 pounds on a
fancy name, or invest in a proper marketing strategy where the name is only
one good result of many.But that would cost a bit more ...

Think about it!

Cheers, Gert

On 2/22/07, Benjamin McLaughlin <benjaminbunnyrabbit at> wrote:
> This is going in the Kubuntu mailing list because it will be my target OS
> for the company I plan to set up.
> I am opening an internet cafe in the summer. It will have a small cafe
> section, 10 pcs connected to the internet running kubuntu via a server
> running LTSP.
> I will also be offering basic computer maintanence and have a games
> console
> section where people can come in and play wii/ps3/360.
> My company needs a name. I've thought and thought but nothing sounds good
> enough.
> If you can come up with a name then I will paypal you £10 GBP.
> Easy money if you can think of a good name for me. Roll on the
> suggestions.
> Thanks,
> Ben

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