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Tim M southern.tim at
Fri Feb 16 00:28:48 UTC 2007

That worked! I didn't see the option to boot into Gnome. Later I will reboot
that computer and see if it is in the logon screen but it seems to have
totally integrated  into my Gnome programs. This means I will not need or
want grub on that machine. However I am going to check out that
www.tldp.orgToday I have collected several sites with useful
information. Thanks for the
help guys.

>        sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop
> This will install many files.  Once it is done you will need to logout of
> your computer.  Then on the screen that has your login name and password
> there is an option to pick with session you wish to use.  Just select
> "Gnome" or "KDE" depending which one you want.
> As for Grub and startup your right this is not what you are looking for.
> Go to (tldp a.k.a. "The Linux Documentation Project". There
> are many howto for just about all aspects of linux.  Warning though alot of
> the howto's are old.  So checking for more recent docs of any particular
> program or setup would be good.  Google is your friend here.  Also, just to
> let you know since Ubuntu 6.10 the old "/etc/inittab" file for boot up is
> gone.  Now, Ubuntu uses "Startup", again Google.
> Hope this helps.
> If all you want to do is switch between KDE & Gnome, I hope you know that
> > > you can simply install Ubuntu, then kubuntu-desktop on top of it, or
> > > Kubuntu and ubuntu-desktop, and then select either KDE or Gnome from
> > > GDM/KDM.
> > >
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> > > derek
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