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On 2/15/07, Tim M <southern.tim at> wrote:
> Okay, NO I didn't not know that or didn't fully understand it. So, I have
> the machine I set up in Ubuntu how do I go about switching between Gnome and
> KDE? I guess I could research it a little. Actually what I was trying to do
> is get a little more experience with  Linux, Ubuntu and trying to understand
> what grub is doing . . . I guess I am not doing a very good job of it.
> Anyway thank you Derek.

To get the kde environment installed:
       sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop
This will install many files.  Once it is done you will need to logout of
your computer.  Then on the screen that has your login name and password
there is an option to pick with session you wish to use.  Just select
"Gnome" or "KDE" depending which one you want.

As for Grub and startup your right this is not what you are looking for.  Go
to (tldp a.k.a. "The Linux Documentation Project". There are
many howto for just about all aspects of linux.  Warning though alot of the
howto's are old.  So checking for more recent docs of any particular program
or setup would be good.  Google is your friend here.  Also, just to let you
know since Ubuntu 6.10 the old "/etc/inittab" file for boot up is gone.
Now, Ubuntu uses "Startup", again Google.

Hope this helps.

If all you want to do is switch between KDE & Gnome, I hope you know that
> > you can simply install Ubuntu, then kubuntu-desktop on top of it, or
> > Kubuntu and ubuntu-desktop, and then select either KDE or Gnome from
> > GDM/KDM.
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