DVD as repository

Joe Hart j.hart at orange.nl
Wed Feb 7 07:50:41 UTC 2007

Andy Harrison wrote:
> Now that's funny, "dummed" down.  Was that intential?  Good one, either way.  :)

Yes, that's one of the reasons why Ubuntu is more popular than Debian.

> So, in just a few sentences, you jeer ubuntu for somehow being less
> debian-like and then you also point out that the very tool causing
> this jeer is comes straight from debian?

What I mean by that is that while Ubuntu is LIKE Debian, it isn't 
Debian, and the developers of Ubuntu should take more care in pointing 
out the differences.  I once tried to install kvirc from a deb and was 
told "Kubuntu isn't Debian, that's why the .deb didn't work.  If you 
want the truth, there are quite a few packages in the ubuntu 
repositories that don't work on Ubuntu because they come strait from 
debian unstable via a script that runs daily.

> How much time do you think a novice is going to spend on a
> distribution that requires them to edit numerous text configuration
> files to get what they want.  Front end tools are necessary since,
> very often, changes to provide the desired result require the
> modification of *several* text configuration files.

I can agree with you on that point.  The fact that all of the files are 
text, does not make it easier for a new user to locate them.  As for 
editing /etc/apt/sources.list, while it is possible to do it by hand, 
both adept and synaptic have front ends for it and there are sites such 
as http://www.ubuntu-nl.org/source-o-matic/ that help people choose 

> If you wish to stay within the spirit of debian, then don't switch
> away from debian only to bitch about things that make it different
> than debian (although in this particular instance, it actually *is*
> like debian).

Perhaps you misinterpreted my rant.  I like Kubuntu, I like Debian.  I 
just wish the differences were less.  It used to be that Ubuntu was an 
easy way to setup Debian.  Now it is a whole distro on its own.  Whether 
that is good or bad is entirely up to the user.

Distro bashing is the last thing I want to do.  No matter which distro 
someone uses, it's still Linux.  I still run Kubuntu, so that doesn't 
mean I dislike it.

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