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Andy Harrison aharrison at gmail.com
Wed Feb 7 13:29:35 UTC 2007

On 2/7/07, Joe Hart <j.hart at orange.nl> wrote:
> What I mean by that is that while Ubuntu is LIKE Debian, it isn't
> Debian, and the developers of Ubuntu should take more care in pointing
> out the differences.  I once tried to install kvirc from a deb and was
> told "Kubuntu isn't Debian, that's why the .deb didn't work.  If you
> want the truth, there are quite a few packages in the ubuntu
> repositories that don't work on Ubuntu because they come strait from
> debian unstable via a script that runs daily.

Useful info.  I believe I've run into a couple of those packages
already.  My ineptitude with the deb package system made me think it
was probably my fault.

On that note, I've actually started a package related wiki project
sort of modeled after the rosetta stone for unix site
 Just a scratchpad wikia project at the moment.

Eventually I'd like to have a bunch of information there including
things like repository information and linkage to more detailed docs.
Other people who have to deal with lots of different *nix flavors
might find it helpful.

> Distro bashing is the last thing I want to do.  No matter which distro
> someone uses, it's still Linux.  I still run Kubuntu, so that doesn't
> mean I dislike it.

Definitely.  Besides, all bashing should be reserved for vi vs. emacs
discussions.  :)

Andy Harrison

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