Help w/ wireless on Dell Latitude D520

D. Michael McIntyre michael.mcintyre at
Tue Feb 6 00:18:20 UTC 2007

On Monday 05 February 2007 9:57 am, O. Sinclair wrote:
> Maybe this link could assist, its another broadcomm and a Dell;

"If you have done ANY previous work on your wireless, this is almost no chance 
that this how-to will work unless you clean your system."

That's a piece of advice I should remember myself the next time I turn around 
to try to give someone a recipe how to navigate nasty waters like this.  That 
really is the problem in a nutshell.  You try so many different crazy things 
along the way that it's impossible for anyone else to follow your recipe.


I haven't tried anything yet, though I did run into one nasty problem.  Try to 
run the Adept Updater thingie on that box with no network connection, and the 
first thing it does is remove the sysvinit package, and then it can't do 
anything else, so it dies, leaving you with no init the next time you boot.  
Niiiiice one.

(I thought the network was working, since the little triangle icon thingie 
came up.  Apparently not.)

Anyway, thanks everybody.

D. Michael McIntyre 

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