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Billie Walsh bilwalsh at
Sun Aug 26 18:46:20 UTC 2007

Ronnie Tucker wrote:
> Was reading the Geocaching thread and since there's some GPS fans here, 
> i'm looking for a bit of advice: i'm thinking of buying a handheld GPS 
> for my bike (of the pedal kind) and would like one that displays street 
> maps and can hook up nicely to my Kubuntu Feisty (for map uploads and 
> what-not).
> Also: do the handheld units do the same idea as the in-car versions 
> where you say 'I want to go here' and it finds you the best route and 
> will alter the route if you make a detour?
> Maybe you geocachers could suggest a decent model? Something around the 
> £100 mark would be nice (b&w screen is fine if it keeps the cost down).
> Thanks folks!   :)

Short answer is "No".

Most hand held units will have major highways and features. Some will 
allow you to put in memory cards that will allow you to put in  more 
information for small areas. I don't know of any that will give you 
driving directions.

What you pay for in GPS units, just like computers, is more 
memory/functions. The higher end you go the more features you get. 
However, prices are coming down like all technology. In a few years you 
might be able to get one that will be about the size of a postage stamp 
and give you all the bells and whistles you could ever want.

Billie Walsh
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