GPS unit for my bike

Bruce Marshall bmarsh at
Sun Aug 26 19:04:19 UTC 2007

On Sunday 26 August 2007, Billie Walsh wrote:
> Short answer is "No".
> Most hand held units will have major highways and features. Some will
> allow you to put in memory cards that will allow you to put in  more
> information for small areas. I don't know of any that will give you
> driving directions.

One device that does come to mind is the Garmin  iQue 36xx   which is a Palm 
Pilot on steroids.   Might be too pricey  and it does require Windows to load 
up the maps, but I think they do have maps of the World which many of the GPS 
(like DeLorme) don't)

I've been using an iQue 3600 for about 4 yrs and it is very useable, and 
routable, and the detail is excellent, barring the fact that with a small 
screen you have to move around a bit.

I think it would be great for a biker and they can be found on eBay at 
reasonable prices.

But it is a *very* handy device which can double as a Palm Pilot and also run 
the many programs written for the Palm Pilot.   (I use it for weight & 
balance on an airplane)    

Battery longevity would be the only problem but there is a cradle for it for 
the car and perhaps you could rig it up to a 12v battery.

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