Q: howto find xorg leak?

D. R. Evans doc.evans at gmail.com
Mon Apr 30 20:12:52 UTC 2007

Donn said the following at 04/17/2007 02:07 AM :
> Doc, any luck with that leak yet? I imagine it's a bugger trying to make time 
> to hunt something like that down. If you get anywhere, please post about it.

The culprit is... Kopete.

I was away all last week, and the memory didn't increase at all. I was
immediately suspicious because I hadn't left Kopete running, but all the
other programs I commonly use _were_ running.

I then did some experiments and am now convinced that Kopete is the program
(although I don't know whether it's the base program or one of the few
plug-ins I use). Interestingly (well, I think it's interesting), killing
Kopete does not release the memory; in fact, the only way to release the
memory that I can find is to log out and log back in again (well,
restarting the X server also releases it of course). So I kind of suspect
that Kopete makes some kind of standard KDE call, and it's that library
that actually grabs the memory.

Anyway, whatever the details, I am now all but certain that Kopete is the
cause of the problem. It's a pity that stopping and restarting Kopete isn't
enough to reset the memory usage, but at least I feel a bit happier for
knowing which program is at fault.

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