Word Attachments

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Mon Apr 30 18:43:58 UTC 2007

Art Alexion wrote:

> On Sunday 29 April 2007 19:48, Roman Wissner wrote:
>> I think that Microsoft Office documents best viewed using MS Office;
>> when I try to open them in OpenOffice I can read them but they will look
>> slightly different to what they should look like. That's why there are
>> special formats designed to look the same regardless of the platform
>> (e.g. PDF).
> The truth is, Word documents look different in different Word
> installations, due to variances in installed fonts, screen resolutions,
> printer drivers,
> font leading, and the "Compatibility Options" chosen.  Even Windows to
> Windows, PDF should be used unless the document is part of a collaboration
> and needs to be edited by the sender and recipient.

I've never quite understood how portable PDF is - often the fonts aren't
embedded in the PDF, either...

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