internet connection settings kubuntu 7.04

Wolfgang Schuch w.schuch at
Mon Apr 30 17:20:33 BST 2007

Sorry for the text mess in the first email, now it should be OK:

dear Linux-friends,
I'm having problems with the settings of my internet configuration: I can't 
get into the net.
My situation: instead of the SuSE Linux I've installed the kubuntu 7.04. The 
settings I'm having actually well be described below.
My PC is connected per cable directly to a router. To this router there is 
connected a second PC, but we don't work in a network. With this hardware my 
internet connection with the SuSE worked without problems.
The 'Help' text of the 7.04 is not describing completely the possible settings 
in the 7.04, so I've made my settings partially on intuition. From KMenue -> 
internet -> KNetworkManager: this icon was void. So I tried the path:

Clicking on KMenue -> system network -> network configurations I found the 4 
tabs for the settings:

Network interfaces: there came up automatically a setting, which I did'nt 
interface: eth0
IP adress: (this I don't know where it came from, but guessing 
that the program has detected it automatically, I did'nt chagnge it)
protocol: dhcp
state: Up
comment: Ethernet Network interface
If I selected this interface and clicked on confugration, it came up a window, 
where I cuold sekect only 'automatic', leave the indicated 'eth0' and leave 
the mark on 'enable at boot time'.
If I selected 'manual', in the 'basic device information' there was already by 
default set the IP adress :, and the netmask as
clicking on the ' advanced' button, ther were under 'advanced network 
interface information':
Description: 'Ethernet network interface' (generated automatically)
Broadcast:'' (generated automatically), and finally,
Gateway: void (there I put This position was not described in the 
'Help' text.

But finally I left it in 'automatic', so it would work all with DHCP.

Default Gateway:
IP adress: I introduced
device: eth0 (I did'nt change it)

Domain name system
Host name:: automatically was set XXXX (beeing XXXX my path in 
'home/XXXX/ ...') I did'nt change it
Domain name: I introduced ''
in the upper window 'domain name servers' I introduced
in the lower window 'known hosts' (stativ servers) there were several IP 
adresses, which had been generated automatically:

IP adresss                  Alias
: :  1                          ip6-localhost ip6-lookback                   localhost                   XXXX-desktop
fe 00 :: 0                   ip6-localnet
ff 00 :: 0                    ip6mcastprefix
ff 02 :: 1                    ip6-allnodes
ff 02 :: 2                    ip6-allrouters
ff 02 :: 3                    ip6-allhosts
All these values I did'nt change them.

Network profiles
this tab by default was empty. Shall I add something?
In the 'Help' text this tab was not described.

If there should come up some doubts on the my connection possibilities, I list 
you now the internet settings I had before onthe SuSE:
- automatical adresses configuration via DHCP
--IP adress (my PC had the ending '2' for not having conflicts 
with the other PC, which ends in '3')
-- computer name: XXXX
--domain name:
--[X]marked: change computer name via DHCP
-- name server 1:
--domain search 1:
--[X]marked: update server names and search list via DHCP
--default gateway:
Maybe these data can help you in answering my questions.

waiting for some body's help, I remain


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