latest feisty kernel can't see hda

Terence Simpson stdin at
Fri Apr 27 03:42:11 UTC 2007

Howard Coles Jr. wrote:
> On Thursday 26 April 2007 03:05:37 pm Michael Hirsch wrote:
>> I guess I deserved it.  I gave my wife a hard time about not getting
>> her updates, so last night she clicked "yes" on the upgrade to feisty.
>>  I'm trying to put the peices back together :-(
>> My main problem is that the new kernel (2.6.20-15) boots up, then
>> can't find /dev/hda.  The root partition is on hda, and the /home
>> directory is on sda.  It boots up and says that it couldn't find the
>> filesystem (I can't give you the exact quote because it isn't able to
>> write to the filesystem since it can't find it).
>> I can boot off an earlier kernel (2.6.17-11) and everything works fine.
>> I tried reinstalling the new kernel with no change in behavior.
>> Anyone seen this?
>> Michael
> The UUID of the drives might be a good place to start.  As some one else said, 
> they may have changed to sda, but that may be unlikely.  
> You'll need to boot up with the live CD or a recovery CD OR if you have 
> retained an older kernel try it.
> (If the older kernel gets you up there's something else wrong.)
> You'll need to try and mount the partition you think is the root partition.. 
> I say you think because the system may have gotten it wrong, :-O.
> anyway, under /dev/.udev/names you should find the UUID directories.
> they look sorta like:
> "disk%2fby-uuid%2fe9901e75-4a18-4665-bcef-0ec47ff12100"
> check your fstab file to see what drive/partition should be what UUID.
> Because in 
> that /dev/.udev/names/disk%2fby-uuid%2fe999901e75-4a18-4665-bcef-0ec47ff12100 
> directory there should be a file that looks like:
> "%2fblock%2fsda%2fsda6"
> Note the sda6 at the end.  That'll tell you what your system thinks is the 
> drive/partition your root partition is on.
> And yes, the "%2f" part is what shows up as part of the file name on my 
> system.
> That should get you started down the right path.
> I hope.
> IF all that lines up there may be more integrety type issues with the root 
> partition.

It would probably be better to look in /dev/disk/by-uuid/ (no %2f needed 


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