latest feisty kernel can't see hda

Howard Coles Jr. dhcolesj at
Thu Apr 26 21:26:10 UTC 2007

On Thursday 26 April 2007 03:05:37 pm Michael Hirsch wrote:
> I guess I deserved it.  I gave my wife a hard time about not getting
> her updates, so last night she clicked "yes" on the upgrade to feisty.
>  I'm trying to put the peices back together :-(
> My main problem is that the new kernel (2.6.20-15) boots up, then
> can't find /dev/hda.  The root partition is on hda, and the /home
> directory is on sda.  It boots up and says that it couldn't find the
> filesystem (I can't give you the exact quote because it isn't able to
> write to the filesystem since it can't find it).
> I can boot off an earlier kernel (2.6.17-11) and everything works fine.
> I tried reinstalling the new kernel with no change in behavior.
> Anyone seen this?
> Michael

The UUID of the drives might be a good place to start.  As some one else said, 
they may have changed to sda, but that may be unlikely.  

You'll need to boot up with the live CD or a recovery CD OR if you have 
retained an older kernel try it.

(If the older kernel gets you up there's something else wrong.)
You'll need to try and mount the partition you think is the root partition.. 

I say you think because the system may have gotten it wrong, :-O.

anyway, under /dev/.udev/names you should find the UUID directories.
they look sorta like:
check your fstab file to see what drive/partition should be what UUID.
Because in 
that /dev/.udev/names/disk%2fby-uuid%2fe999901e75-4a18-4665-bcef-0ec47ff12100 
directory there should be a file that looks like:
Note the sda6 at the end.  That'll tell you what your system thinks is the 
drive/partition your root partition is on.

And yes, the "%2f" part is what shows up as part of the file name on my 

That should get you started down the right path.
I hope.
IF all that lines up there may be more integrety type issues with the root 
See Ya'
Howard Coles Jr.
John 3:16!

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