Upgrading from 6.10 to 7.04

Howard Coles Jr. dhcolesj at gmail.com
Thu Apr 26 21:41:55 BST 2007

On Thursday 26 April 2007 03:15:29 pm Michael Hirsch wrote:
> I'd say that you are being optimistic.  I've found this upgrade to be
> one of the worst I've ever experienced.
> I didn't have your update-manager crash problem on wither of my upgrades,
> but
> 1. multimedia was broken.  I had to install libxine1-ffmpeg which
> doesn't sound so bad except that it wasn't in any repository I knew to
> look in, nor was it obvious that it was necessary.  I ended up finding
> it on a Debian download link and downloading it.  I used dpkg to
> install it which cleared up all my multimedia problems.
> 2. I couldn't log in on my machine.  Something changed a lot in the
> bash initialization stuff and I ended up with a completely hosed path
> making KDE fail catastrophically.  It took a while to see where the
> problem was.
> 3. My wife's kernel can't read the root partition after the kernel
> boots.  I've been able to work around that by booting the edgy kernel
> in feisty.  Not a good solution.
> All three of these problems would have been impossible for a layman to
> solve.  I had believed that Ubuntu was the distro I could recommend to
> my friends, butif I did they would all be trying a fresh install about
> now.
> I hope that a fresh install would have gone better, but I haven't tried it,
> yet.

wow.  I hate that you had such a hard time, but none of my machines gave me 
that much trouble.  The apt-get upgrade process kept wanting to hold back 
packages, so I switched to using synaptic, which seemed to handle the 
resolution better.  

Like I said originally you have to keep doing the apt-get upgrade until all 
the upgradable packages are installed, or you could have many of these kinds 
of problems.

However, I'm showing libxine1-ffmpeg in the archive.ubuntu.com universe 

The repos I use are:

See Ya'
Howard Coles Jr.
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